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I am an associate professor and astronomer at the University of Denver. I study how massive stars interact with their environments, both before and after they explode as supernovae.
AAS recap
2014 January 10 — My Ph.D. student Manisha Shrestha and I just returned from the 223rd American Astronomical Society meeting in Washington, DC. We both presented posters and had several productive discussions with colleagues. My recently graduated Ph.D. student Jamie Lomax also attended to present her dissertation talk, for which she won a Doxsey Travel Prize from the AAS. A highlight of the meeting was Neil deGrasse Tyson's plenary talk, for which we got front-row seats!
I was excited by the extent to which the meeting had a virtual component: the AAS set up "Extras" pages (here's mine) where each poster author could archive supplementary information, and the commentary on Twitter was lively and fascinating (cool stats here). There was also lots of meta-discussion of scientific data presentation and education and demographics within the field of astronomy. All in all, an excellent meeting that made me look forward to the next one!
Onward and upward!
2013 August 25 — I am delighted to congratulate my first Ph.D. student, Jamie Lomax, who successfully defended her dissertation earlier this month. Entitled "The X-Ray and Spectropolarimetric View of Massive Stars," it consists of the work she has done at DU, GSFC, and U. Liège on the massive binary stars β Lyr, V444 Cyg, and WR 140. Dr. Lomax has now moved on to the University of Oklahoma, where she will work as a postdoctoral researcher with John Wisniewski.
Joining Jamie in Norman will be another alum of my group, Michael Malatesta, who graduated with his BS degree in November 2012 and has continued to work with me on projects related to his thesis work, "Spectropolarimetry of V356 Sagittarii: Constraining the Distribution of the Circumstellar Material." Mike will begin the Ph.D. program in astronomy at the University of Oklahoma this fall. We wish both Jamie and Mike the best in their new endeavors and look forward to continued collaborations!
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